terms and conditions

of the comapny art-4-uv gmbh in distribution of pieces of art via the internet
validity of conditions
1. our deliveries, services and offers are subject to these terms and conditions. they therefore also apply to all future business relationships, even if they are not explicitly agreed. at least, if you receive the goods ordered you agree that you have accepted our conditions. we hereby oppose in advance against possible counter-confirmations with reference to other general conditions and purchasing conditions.
2. discrepancies from these terms and conditions will only be effective if we confirm them in writing.
legal copyright
1. all contents of this web-store are subject to statutory provisions relating to the legal copyright. all illustrations, photographs, films, graphics and publications which are published with reference to the artist or his arts, or which are offered for sale are subject to the copyright of this artist. the same is valid for objects / items left for use in any kind of all reproduction and the final products of the ordered service.
( photographs, slides, texts etc. ) reproductions of any kind are only exclusively allowed with consent of the artist. if someone contravenes to this, he or she will be legally prosecuted by the artist.
2. any further utilization of a piece of art – beyond exhibition in your rooms- is only allowed after informing the artist and his written consent and only for the agreed period and the agreed purpose. utilization and using rights will not be connected to the copyright act if you are in the possession of a piece of art, especially for public exhibitioning.
3. furthermore, you have to mention the name of the artist as the author for each use of the oiece of art.
4. the artist is entitled to receive appropriate renumeration for every use and utilization of the piece of art ( § 32 urhg – copyright act ).
3. offer and contract conclusion
the artist and the company make great effort to present the uniques in colour and in three-dimensional ( if it has a sense ) in both ultraviolet light and white light. however, all pieces of information about the illustrations and colours are not compulsory. the reason for this is that it can be possible that slight colour discrepancies can arise at the computer screens.
every single art which is offered belongs exclusively and exclusive to the artist or seller. sales contracts come exclusively into being between you as the buxer and the artist as the seller. in which the artist uses the shop www.art-4-uv for the transaction of the sale. we do not take any liability for the correctness of the pieces of information given by the artist.
the order of the customer is valid after he or she has sent an order confirmation via e-mail or direct delivery i.e. the handing over of the goods to the carrier / post.
our workforce is not entitled to give oral assurances or to make ancillary talks which exceed the content of the written contract.
4. prices
all prices are valid to the piece of the particular unique. important are the prices stated by the seller in the order confirmation including vat. additional deliveries and services will be charged extra.

the prices of the unigues are individually fixed by the artist and are not negotiable / changeable. all prices are to be understood franco domicile. we do not act as a platform which sells accessoires that is why we ask for your understanding that we will only accept accessoires orders if you purchase an art or if you have already bought an art.
delivery- and performance target
all delivery dates or periods which will be agreed binding or non- binding have to be made in writing. we do not guarantee that all products offered are available at any time. even if that is not important for the uniques. if something is not ( immediately ) available we will inform you as soon as possible about this.
the seller is not obliged to fulfil the fixed deadlines and dates agreed if :
delivery- and performance delays due to force majeure or other events happen which make a delivery much more difficult or impossible.
events like strikes, lockouts, administrative orders or if the wrong goods have been sent to our own premises.
under these circumstances mentioned above, the seller is entitled to
withdraw from the contract a) partly
b) completely
( due to the part which has not been fulfilled so far. )
2. postpone the deliveries and / or performances while the circumstances mentioned
above are still existing .
3. the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the part of the contract which has not been
fulfilled so far, after he has given a reasonable period of time / extention of the
deadline and if
these circumstances mentined above ( 2.2 ) are existing for more than 2 months.
if the delivery date is extended or if the seller has no obligation, the buyer can not claim for damages. the seller can only refer himself to these circumstances, mentioned above ( 2.2 ) if he informs the buyer immediately.
4. the seller is entitled to make partial deliveries and partial services.

we do not charge for the delivery of our pieces of art.
enclosed you will find a signed certificate by the artist which proves as a piece of supporting documentary evidence that the piece of art is an original.
furthermore, we guarantee you that the pieces of art and accessoires which we offer do not have any damage like missing promised features which have been ensured before. an exception is a desired effect of the piece of art, created by the artist. moreover, it can be possible that slight impurities on the overleaf or on the under side of the piece of art could occur due to the working process and picture carrier specific irregularities respectively. but these soilings do not impair the quality of the piece of art.
you have to inform us in writing within 5 working days about visible lacks as well as about wrong or incomplete deliveries. defects, which can not be discovered immediately after a careful examination have to be notified immediately after you have discovered them.
in the case of your statement that the products delivered do not correspond to the guarantee given by us we must insist on a error description in detail and also a copy of the invoice which you have to send to the company art-4-uv gmbh. the pieces of art and sccessoires respectively have to reach the final destination in original packaging and possibly with the certificate, signed by the artist, enclosed and without any charge for the delivry. our responsibility due to the guarantee is limited either on rework or the reimbursement of the purchase price.
if the complaint is not justified and the customer had the possibility to recognize it before we will be reserved to charge a testfee of at least € 100.00 plus the costs of postage.
if the replacement delivery is faulty again, you will have the options to chose between a reduction of the remuneration or to cancel the contract.
the pigments of our pieces of art are very stable and outlive irradiations of artifical white and uv-a light for decades. however, if you put your piece of art under direct sunlight it will be fade and we will not take any liability for it and also not for wear and tear.
only the buyer who has bought a piece of art is entitled to impose warranty claims. these warranty claims are not transferable to someone else who has not bought this piece of art.
the paragraphs mentioned before only contain the guarantee for the products and exclude other warranties of any kind.
the uniques are comprehensively described that you can easy give an option of the details. you have the possibility to change the chosen piece of art, however, this is only possible after one year has expired ( due to a possible phase of habituation ). we ask for your understanding that personal and special pieces of art are out of the question to exchange them.
you can send accessoires back within 2 weeks, without giving any reason. this deadline begins at the earliest when you have received the goods orderes and with this information given by us. you have to send the goods back to this address :
art-4.uv gmbh
augsburger straße 2
86701 rohrenfels
in the case of an effective revocation both sides have to return the received objects, services and benefits. in case of determination of any object returned to the company and the artist may claim compensation. this is not relevant if the determination of the piece of art is due the fair examination. in addition you can avoid the obligation to pay back the remaining value by using the goods in a way which does not impair their remeining value.
the paragraphs 11 and 12 are , -it`s close-, phrases made by the legislature. we print them dutifully and use them dutifully. however, we aim for a friendly relationship with you regardless of the legal obligations. plese feel free to contact us at any time even after expiration of the deadline. we would appreciate it very much and freight prepaid.
retention of title
we reserve the ownership of the pieces of art or sccessoires until you have paid the total sum for them. this is also valid for demands for previous deliveries.
in the case of resale of the goods the buyer assigns his claims to us by now. we are entitled and the buyer is obliged on our demand to notify the assignment to his customer. if necessary the buyer has to reserve the property of the goods to us by way of extended retention of title towards his customer.
if the goods which have retentiob of title are seized, has the buyer to inform us immediatey and in detail. the buyer has also to inform the third party about our rights. furthermore, the buyer has to hand over the documents, which are necessary for our intervention. the costs which occur due to this intervention are at the charge of the buyer.
limitation of liability
compensation against
impossibility of service
breach of the demands
fault at the conclusion of the contract
forbidden acts
are both against the seller and his staff, excluded, unless intentional or grossly negligent acts do not exist.
terms of payment
you can pay :
cash in advance
by paypal
or by credit card
to the account of art-4-uv gmbh. you have fulfilled your obligations after we have received your money and we will dispatch the goods ordered.
privacy policy
the customer data can be saved and processed with reference to the data protection law. we use these data to fulfil the legal requirements and for the customer care. the buyer agrees that his data can be seen by the artist or that necessary excerpts can be shown to suppliers as well as to the shipping service. this agreement can be cancelled at any time.
This website uses the open-source analytics platform Matomo in order to create statistics regarding the use of the website. Matomo saves the collected data in a database.
The collected data can not be used to identify a person, will not be collated with other data-sources and will not shared with third parties.
Further information and the applicable data protection provisions of Matomo may be retrieved under https://matomo.org/privacy/ .
applicable law
the law of germany applies for all guarantee terms and the total legal relationship between the seller and the buyer.
place of fulfilments is rohrenfels ( bayern ).
if any provision in these terms or in other agreements is not effective the effectiveness of all other provisions or agreements is not affected.