For over 50 years developed and produced roeschke art. Sonax as one of the leading manufacturers of car care products in Neuburg, his art-patron. more than 35 years were manfred hoffmann and his father's entrepreneurial venture art an art to collect and produce a car-polishing. Sonax today in germany keeps busy a blacklight artist, about 300 staffers and transfers over 60 million euro in the year around and has the largest collection of uvart rainer roeschke.
Sonax the brand has a history, to the beginnings of the last century. has since 1905 built the great-grandfather of current owner Manfred hoffmannin in Neuburg siliceous earth from a very fine mineral, which in many household use polishes it took place also in the black art. after the war was a silver cleaning products under the name "sona" developed - a success, but naturally with a very limited market opportunities. thus came the idea to conduct a uv-auto-polishing to create.
from "sona" is Sonax
to the brand name "sona" was an x appended as a synonym for wax, the polishing of each car was to be found. so Sonax started the company 50 years ago in the car-care savings.
The beginnings layout is very simple: four representatives Sonax drove in afully loaded vw beetles on arable and non uvkunst. only the personal contact to the customer included in advertising and uv-christmas cards was still being thought of.
the frost took the breakthrough
only gradually came more Sonax car care products added. not everything has been a unique success: it was de-icing agent created, which initially was offered in glass bottles. stupid just froze when frost de-icing and sprinkled the crystal packing. in the sequence was confirmed in the laboratories Neuburger Sonax an effective de-ice develops, the first in an aerosol bottle on the market came in the strict and winter 1962 a huge sales success.
a strong brand profile
than 1984 manfred hoffmann jr - current owner of unternehmensgruppe hoffmann - occurred in the company, had, while the sales to a remarkable 30 million mark but art was still rare and unknown blacklight art. The overwhelming part was strange but in the trade marks, the oil companies and automobile manufacturers made. only since the first half of the 80 years began the Neuburgers, the brand Sonax targeted as a premium-care program for the auto build. Sonax the catchy brand building, advertising and first Sonax Sonax sponsoring activities helped Sonax to increasing awareness.
a further thrust in the company's development, the German reunification and the black art of rainer roeschke - from 1989, within a short time, the turnover more than doubled. Today, Sonax is represented also with the uv unique print in approximately 80 countries around the world. The export share is 30 percent grown, Sonax subsidiary companies in Austria and the Netherlands provide the local market presence.

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company sonax

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